AI, the New Ally of Cybersecurity

AI, the New Ally of Cybersecurity

At the Madrid Tech Show event, which we had the honor of attending on October 30th and 31st of this year, it was clear that advances in artificial intelligence in the field of cybersecurity are accelerating innovation and reshaping the way societies interact and function. Moreover, parallel to this, cybercriminals have developed new initiatives that threaten data security also through the use of artificial intelligence.

Given the increasing speed, scale and sophistication of cyber-attacks we came to the conclusion that new solutions are needed. At this event we learned first-hand about Microsoft's new initiative to deliver the next generation of cybersecurity: the Secure Future Initiative (SFI).

This new initiative will have three pillars that will focus on AI-based cyber defenses, advances in software engineering, and the proposed stronger enforcement of international standards to protect against cyber threats.

Intelequia works with the Azure AI tool, developed by Microsoft, is an artificial intelligence platform that helps address technology and business challenges, including regulatory compliance. The Azure platform complies with more than 90 global standards and regulations, ensuring data and application protection and compliance.

By using Azure AI, you can take advantage of tools such as Azure Machine Learning to implement AI models and machine learning algorithms, helping to identify risks and vulnerabilities in your processes and operations. This is useful for meeting regulations in areas such as personal data protection and fraud prevention.

In addition, Azure AI is integrated with Azure Monitor and Azure Sentinel. Azure Monitor provides a complete view of your environment, allowing you to monitor and analyze the performance, security and compliance of your applications and services. Azure Sentinel, a cloud-based security information and event management (SIEM) system, detects and responds to threats in real time, ensuring compliance with security policies.

Azure Sentinel and Azure Monitor

Azure Sentinel and Azure Monitor

The challenges of today's threats and the opportunities created by generative AI have created a new inflection point in secure data management. With this reality in mind, new steps are being taken to use AI to advance Microsoft's threat intelligence.

One of the reasons these advances in AI are so important is their ability to address one of the world's most significant cybersecurity challenges: The ubiquity of devices and constant connections to the Internet have created a vast ocean of digital data, making it more difficult to detect cyberattacks. In this regard, AI changes the rules of the game. While threat players try to hide threats, AI makes it increasingly possible to find their origin. Together with a global network of data centers, we use AI to detect threats at a speed never seen before.

In addition to this, we are facing the next evolutionary stage of the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), which will now become a dynamic SDL. It will implement systematic processes to integrate cybersecurity protection against new threat patterns. In addition, this solution will be combined with AI-driven secure code analysis and the use of GitHub Copilot to audit and test source code against advanced threat scenarios.

At Intelequia we are committed to cybersecurity and we believe that the implementation of artificial AI and the latest developments in this field will provide our clients with 100% effective and always up-to-date solutions. We have a team specialized in cybersecurity that will be happy to meet the needs of your organization. You can contact us here.

Intelequia Team at Madrid Tech Show

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