DNN Application Insights v3.0

DNN Application Insights v3.0

Hi all. After a while working with React/Redux and the new DNN PersonaBar model introduced on DNN Platform 9.0, I have started to update all my modules to avoid the use of the disappeared Host menu on DNN.

The first module updated has been the DNN Application Insights now available for download on GitHub. This includes:

  • Previous package updates to support version 2.4.0 of Application Insights, including enhanced live metrics streaming (committed by Mitchel Sellers)
  • New UI on the persona bar to setup the module settings
  • Requiring DNN Platform 9.0.1 or later


If you have any interesting idea to add on the settings area, please let me know. I have been checking all the configuration settings that can be done through the Application Insights configuration system and I will start adding them for the next release.

Updates for the Redis Caching Provider and Azure AD provider are the next ones.

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