Extending Azure capabilities into DNN

Extending Azure capabilities into DNN

We have been developing web applications using DNN since this Content Management System was called DotNetNuke. As .NET developer lovers, we found in this framework all the features required to deploy customized web applications without starting web solutions from the scratch.

When Windows Azure came alive in 2010, we spotted the perfect match between Azure and DNN to modernize the way that the web applications used to be built. Since then, all our deployments bring the power of Azure to improve the security, to make easier the maintenance or to extend capabilities such as Azure Cognitive Services or Power BI Embedded.

How DNN works?

Similarly to WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, the DNN Platform (open-source version) is an intuitive content manager which offers a wide variety of modules (or plugins) like HTML, blog, forms, etc. All these modules can be dragged and dropped into your layout. DNN is responsive and it also provides a default identity module where the users, privileges and roles can be managed.

Where DNN can be hosted?

DNN can be hosted either on premises or in Azure. However, we do not consider other option than Azure and specifically in Azure App Service which is our main preference. Azure App Service is a PaaS service which allows scale out or in as required (peaks of activity) or it reduces the IT work labor.

What we do with DNN?

We develop customized modules which can be published in the catalogue of any DNN site so they are ready to be dragged and dropped in the layout. The focus of our developments are integrations between DNN and Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Power Platform.

DNN modules we have developed

DNN Azure Active Directory provider

The DNN Azure Active Directory Provider is an authentication provider for DNN Platform that uses Azure Active Directory OAuth2 authentication to authenticate users. Having this module implemented in the site, an admin user of the DNN site would log in into the site with his Azure AD credentials instead of his DNN credentials.

The module allows the mapping between the attributes of the DNN users and roles with the Azure AD users.  

DNN Telemetry with Azure Application Insights

In modern web apps is vital to proactively check the health of the site. DevOps technicians would find this module very useful in order to feed Azure Application Insight with telemetry of the site. Therefore, technicians can gather as much information as possible about the performance or the workload of the application, the database or the hosting.


DNN Azure Active Directory B2C provider

The B2C provider is the Azure AD provider brother, supporting B2C scenarios and to fully customize the user journeys (login, reset passwords, etc.) by using custom policies and the Microsoft Identity Framework.


Redis Caching Provider

This caching provider allows you to use a Redis cache server/cluster within DNN Platform, using a hybrid in-memory approach to increase cache performance (items are cached in the local memory and on Redis cache), and the publisher/subscriber feature to keep in sync all the in-memory caches from the webfarm. The caching provider is also Azure Redis cache compatible and works great when running on Azure App Serviceenvironment.

Power BI Embbeded

The DNN Power BI Embedded module allows you to embed Power BI reports and dashboards into your DNN website and secure the access to the reports by using DNN users and roles, including role security level and lots of rich features without the need of coding the Power BI Embedded integration. The module is available on English, Spanish and German.

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