How to choose the best Cloud Backup for Businesses

How to choose the best Cloud Backup for Businesses

For some years now, backup solutions or backup copies in the cloud have become an indispensable requirement within organizations as a measure of prevention and information security to ensure business continuity in the event of any incident that may affect the systems.

Specifically, last 2021 IBM presented the "Cyber Resilient Organization Study 2021" in which after interviewing more than 3600 professionals in the security and IT sector, 51% admitted having suffered an attack against their data during the last 12 months. It is therefore worth noting how important it is to have a cloud backup and the necessary tools to prevent, contain and recover from such threats that block accessibility to a company's data and information and completely paralyze the activity of a business.

What is a cloud backup and what is it for?

Cloud backups are a service designed to make an automated copy of all the data and information that make up the systems and applications of an organization by hosting them on a cloud-based server located in a remote location in order to always have the information available and being able to recover it under any circumstances.

There are different types of backups for companies, but its main purpose in the face of different events is to take care of:

  • Restore damaged or accidentally deleted files.
  • Restore files infected by a malicious attack against applications or IT infrastructure.
  • Storing and archiving historical company data
  • Recover systems in the event of a natural disaster
  • Ensure business continuity

Main features that enterprise backup services should include

1. Centralized Management Portal: To supervise and manage all backups, restoration, users or endpoints from a single space.

2. Platform compatibility: Windows/macOs/Linux/VMware... being able to perform backups from both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

3. Choose your own storage: Including the possibility of choosing between different providers, such as if we prefer to work with Amazon for example.

4. Scalability: Paying only for the contracted space and being able to increase or decrease the plan whenever you want.

5. Alerts and reporting systems: Allowing to be up to date with any news or incident.

6. 24/7 technical support: Assistance must be fast and assured, including compatibility with any provider.

7. Server replication: Allowing image-based replication in addition to Distaste Recovery.

8. System and Item Restore Service: Optimized to meet specific needs at any point in time and including granular selection.

9. Suitable for public or private cloud: Allowing any information to be migrated or uploaded to either infrastructure with full data redundancy.

10. Continuous Security Monitoring: Protecting backups against ransomware and unwanted access with immutability, AES 256-bit encryption and 2FA.

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