Increase your ecommerce sales with an AI-based Chatbot

Increase your ecommerce sales with an AI-based Chatbot

Haven't you implemented a chatbot in your ecommerce yet? Any time of the year is key to optimize your sales processes, especially before dates as important as Christmas, Black Friday or the sales season; so we discover the best tips to increase your results through an automated solution such as bots or virtual assistants based on artificial intelligence.

Why should you start working with a chatbot?

We are facing a new era in which the design of intelligent user-oriented experiences is proliferating. Proper customer service is synonymous with a high degree of customer satisfaction, which can translate into increased sales and improved online reputation for the brand.

Specifically, the latest advances in AI applied to the use of bots have made it possible to significantly improve the customer experience thanks to the recognition of text, voice and search intentionality by the user, providing virtual assistants with an iterative learning capacity through LUIS (Language Understanding) conversational services to guess the user's intentions.

In fact, according to a Gartner study, last 2020 organizations reduced calls, chats and emails by 70% after implementing automation tools with bots.

The growth trend with the use of chatbots on e-commerce sites continues to rise. The chatbot has become a clear intermediary between the brand and the customer, catalyzing all communication and 24/7 attention as if it were an operator. Therefore, it represents a competitive advantage for those companies that do not have one.

What are the advantages of a chatbot for your website?

Customer insight: Obtain detailed and actionable records about your users' profile, reusing them to improve the communication strategy referred to your products and services by allowing you to monitor all conversations made through the virtual assistant thanks to the use of telemetry tools such as Application Insights or Power BI templates.

Reduce abandoned cart rate: The chatbot can become your best ally to solve many critical points in the user's decision making during the moment of purchase, by providing information related to shipping conditions, returns or promotional notifications in addition to boosting cross-selling.

Personalization: The ability to integrate with different sources of information or the adaptability of natural language for understanding or dialogue via text or voice, would not be possible without the use of AI, based on conversational services from LUIS or Azure Cognitive Services, providing you with that autonomous conversational capability to forge a much closer relationship with customers.

Cost savings: Their ability to resolve complex queries in an uninterrupted manner makes bots the ideal operator to serve the user 24/7. In fact, according to a study conducted by Juniper Research aimed at chatbot use in the banking industry worldwide, it is estimated that a total of $290 million was saved in 2019 and that by 2023 the figure will increase to $7.3 billion.

Omnichannel: It streamlines the buying process by extending its use not only at the web level but the bot will be able to interconnect with multiple channels such as Facebook Messenger, Tripadvisor offering a much more immersive experience. In this way, you do not redirect the customer and reduce the transitions that may occur during the time of purchase.

Multi-language: Another of its benefits is that the bots support multiple languages, making them a truly useful tool in an e-commerce platform since you can ask the user in which language they prefer to start the conversation or detect it automatically through the initial content.

Azure Bot Service and Azure Cognitive Service to improve customer experience

Azure Bot Services has become one of the most complete development environments for designing unique AI-based conversational experiences on the market. You can build your bot from the Microsoft Bot Framework and give it omnichannel capabilities to connect with more than 13 popular channels such as phone networks, Facebook or Microsoft Teams.

Get a tool adapted for any scenario, you can incorporate through an API call artificial intelligence features that Azure Cognitive Services can integrate into the bot, allowing you to get the ability to see, hear, speak or accelerate their decision making for natural language recognition (LUIS) on your applications, bots and IoT devices.

Would you like to learn more?

We invite you to download our Whitepaper in which we detail step by step the advantages of integrating a chatbot in your organization, learn first hand success stories and discover all that Azure services can give to our bot.

In addition, in Intelequia we have an expert team in the development and deployment of bots in Azure. If you want to learn more about how this technology can help you increase your sales or improve customer service, do not hesitate to contact us.
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