Information security for Office 365 with Microsoft Defender


The growing use of cloud and IoT, the multiplication of end points and the integration of collaborative tools have radically conditioned the need to establish corporate policies to ensure information security in the face of the exponential growth of global cyber threats in recent years.

Historically, the prevention and blocking measures that corporate security departments generally used to combat such attacks were the well-known corporate firewalls, antivirus or antispam filters, however, they have not been entirely effective against cybercriminals, mainly because they work in isolation and without integration between them, thus affecting the lack of control and vulnerability of these for the protection of any system, but where are we heading?

The main challenges that organizations are demanding in terms of security are focused on integrating technology to ensure productivity, efficiency and, of course, security in the workplace while achieving cost savings. What would a financial department want? Probably to integrate a flexible and at the same time cost-effective solution. What would an employee want? To have virtualized and secure tools that ensure business continuity or, for example, what would the legal department want? Of course, to ensure all regulatory compliance such as GDPR.

Therefore, today we have several comprehensive solutions in the cloud that allow us to have protection, detection and response to threats at the customer's workstation in a simple way while sharing information together as Microsoft Defender for Office 365.



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What is Microsoft Defender for Office 365?

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is a cloud-native solution aimed at protecting the user's entire collaborative environment in Microsoft 365 from internal or external threats that may affect business continuity.

Some examples where we would use this solution would be for the prevention of phishing attacks through Outlook, harmful url links, or signs of malicious activity that may be found in OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams.


What service does Microsoft Defender for Office 365 provide?


Microsoft Defender for Office 365 focuses its activity on four main blocks:

  • Establishment of threat protection policies: Allowing to define the level of protection in a customized way for each organization.
  • Reporting: In real time to know first-hand the performance and incidents associated with business activity.
  • Threat research and response functionality: to ensure protection at the endpoint and enable business continuity.
  • Automated analysis and response functionality: Aimed at threat prevention and mitigation.

Do you know the Security and Compliance Center for Office 365?

Microsoft Defender products and services are much more, its axis of action represents a holistic XDR solution for internal and external protection of the corporation including security at the endpoint level as the activation of web content filtering, identity or cloud applications, allowing easy and simple way to deal with regulatory compliance, in fact there are many aspects that can be managed from the security and compliance center of Office 365, such as:

  • At the identity level: it is possible to define access management internally, introducing password management, multi-factor authentication or single sign-on.
  • For information governance: Allowing us to find data leaks or perform a control of mobile devices for the use of corporate information through the import of external platforms and establish policies for retention and deletion of malicious data detected in Microsoft 365.
  • At the administration level: Aimed at controlling end points and activating permissions to access information, thus facilitating regulatory compliance.
  • In addition to threat management: Securing and preventing devices from spam or malicious applications or websites among others through encryption policies, anti-malware, or anti-spoofing for domain reputation.

I hope I have given you some insight into how important it is to have tools to ensure information security for an organization both in Office 365 and in the workplace in a comprehensive manner. However, if you have any questions or would like to request a demo, we invite you to write to us and one of our cybersecurity experts will be happy to answer your query.

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