Microsoft to strengthen security against fraudulent e-mails

Microsoft to strengthen security against fraudulent e-mails

Microsoft does not cease in its struggle to increase the security measures of its products and services for the benefit of users against cyber threats.

Just a short time ago we talked about the new update planned for Microsoft Teams to improve the service experience against SPAM calls, and now its new goal is focused on strengthening security in the Office 365 suite as announced in the Microsoft 365 RoadMap for this year.

To this end, Microsoft is preparing a new Microsoft Defender update to provide all its customers with additional security against fraudulent email threats by applying additional security controls to prevent threats embedded in emails.

This will change the preview of such emails so that some components of these emails will be distorted and not displayed by default, while allowing the full message to be revealed if users so wish.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 feature is designed to protect organizations against multiple cyber threats, including business email compromise, credential phishing practices and automated remediation against email attacks. Defender will also implement other features that will allow all end users and security operations teams to classify these.

This announcement is no coincidence, Microsoft has been committed for several years to ensure the protection of all its users and is fully aware of the increase in attacks by cybercriminals specialized in malicious actions against users via email. That is why it is committed to facilitating the identification of such messages so that users and security teams can act efficiently against them.

If you would like more information on how to strengthen your cybersecurity systems, we invite you to contact us and our expert consultants will be able to provide you with personalized attention to your needs.


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