The importance of report display control in Portal BI

The importance of report display control in Portal BI

Content management and administration is an essential component of any Business Intelligence (BI) solution, and Intelequia's BI Portal is no exception. One of the most important aspects of this process is to ensure that users have access to only the information that is relevant and necessary for their role, protecting sensitive data and complying with privacy regulations.

Portal BI, a solution that combines the capabilities of Power BI and Power BI Embedded, offers advanced functionalities to ensure security and interaction with content, allowing full control over report visualization and data security at the user level, both inside and outside the company. One of the key elements in this control are the filters, the management and administration of content and user roles, which allow optimizing the visualization and access to information.

Report display control: What do users see?

In a work environment where employees work with critical data and sensitive information, it is essential to establish control mechanisms that allow filtering and restricting access to information. Portal BI offers a comprehensive solution for the management and administration of content in a customized way at the report level, allowing, for example, an administrator to determine what information can be viewed by each employee by implementing permissions.

For example, if a data analyst is working on reports that contain sensitive information such as employee compensation, the Portal BI administrator can apply filters and restrictions, such as automatic, manual or inclusion/exclusion filters, to ensure that the analyst only has access to information relevant to his task, thus avoiding the exposure of sensitive data.

User role management and data security

Portal BI facilitates the management and assignment of user roles, through AD B2C, Entra ID and Multifactor Authentication (MFA), allowing administrators to control access to the platform and ensure data security at all times. By assigning roles, different levels of access and permissions can be set for each user, ensuring that employees can only view and work with the information they are entitled to.

This functionality is especially useful when several team members are working on common reports. The administrator can assign roles and set specific restrictions for each user, so that each employee only has access to information that is relevant and necessary for his or her role. In addition, by implementing filters, such as cross-browsing or fetching filters, the user experience can be improved and interaction with the content can be optimized.


For example, the row-level security (RLS) available in Power BI is a useful tool for limiting access to specific data based on users. By applying filters based on assigned roles, access to information at the row level is restricted. During its execution, those users who have access to a workspace can access the models and functionalities they have been authorized. In addition, both external and internal members of the organization can be included.

Real-time report display control

The ability to control the display of reports in real time is essential to ensure the security and confidentiality of data, allowing administrators to apply filters and access restrictions on the fly, ensuring that only authorized users can view the right information at the right time.

This feature is of vital importance, especially in situations where a high level of information security and protection is required. Real-time control prevents the leakage of sensitive data and ensures that employees only access information that is relevant to their work.

As we have seen, the management of visualization, roles and content administration in a BI solution is fundamental to protect and control the confidentiality of sensitive and critical information by different employees or users outside the organization to ensure regulatory compliance. If you want more information about Portal BI and its functionalities, or our Data services do not hesitate to contact us.

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