What is a SOC or Security Operations Center for?

What is a SOC or Security Operations Center for?

The number of cyber-threats is multiplying every day, posing a serious problem for the integrity of security systems in companies and jeopardizing the safeguarding of their most precious assets, data and information, because as we all know, information means power. It is here where the Cybersecurity Operations Centers or also called SOCs arise to provide a solution to this situation that directly affects organizations of any size.

What is a SOC or Security Operations Center?

Antivirus are part of the past, today we are in an environment with cybercriminals very experienced in hacking techniques, therefore, many public or private organizations entrust their security by hiring a security operations center as a service. What does this mean?

A SOC or security operations center is a team specialized in cybersecurity that is responsible for recording and exhaustively monitoring all the systems of a company 24x7 performing an analysis of all its networks, databases or applications to detect any anomaly that may compromise the security of the company to take appropriate containment measures.


What activities does a security operations center perform?


Vulnerability Detection and Management

The SOC is configured to detect and manage security breaches through an early warning service thanks to real-time monitoring.  

Managed Security Services

They aim to perform security administration and monitoring on the infrastructure, gathering relevant information for incident management and subsequent decision making.

Brand Monitoring

In this case, we are in charge of monitoring the relevant Internet information associated with a brand in terms of phishing, malware or other threats.

Implementation of Preventive Measures

Taking advantage of all the information gathered during all phases of the analysis, the SOC serves to improve the capacity to respond to future attacks.

Regulatory Compliance

A security operations center will allow you to ensure compliance with some certifications such as ISO 27001 or GDPR.


How is a SOC organized?

The structure of a SOC is organized in different levels since in many occasions it is required to analyze in a holistic way the operation of the whole company, that is why we say that the analysis of an Operations Center is done in a global way in all its development:

  • A strategic analysis on the business scope.
  • A personal analysis to know the guidelines and security roles.
  • An analysis on knowledge management throughout the organization.
  • The technologies used.

Sometimes and depending on the size of the organization we can find internal SOC services independent of the IT department (generally intended for large companies) in which a large investment of human capital and investment is required to cover all analyst profiles and cybersecurity technicians highly qualified in different disciplines that can carry out this service, although as a general rule the most used option is the hiring of external security operations centers.

Benefits of contracting a SOC service

  • 24x7 monitoring of security events
  • Advanced threat defense
  • Compliance with HiPAA, PCI, DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 2000, ENS, GDPR and more
  • Clear visibility of event logs
  • Intuitive web portal
  • Real-time Security Reporting, Dashboards and Analytics
  • Scalability in the cloud
  • Flexible service model: Fully managed, hybrid, cloud and On-premises

Do you need a SOC in your company?

Security is the most important asset you can present to your customers, that's why at Intelequia we have a highly qualified cybersecurity team to provide a SOC service that allows you to shield your systems, information and confidential data against external threats to your organization and help you prevent any security breach.

Do you want more information? Write us a contact form and our agents will be happy to solve your request in a personalized way.

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