Why should your organization have ISO 27001?

Why should your organization have ISO 27001?

Today we want to talk about the ISO 27001 standard, but first we must ask ourselves how do we demonstrate that our organization performs an adequate management of information, ensuring its confidentiality, integrity and availability?  

As a result of the digital transformation that has taken place in recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of changes related to business management and the implementation of standards that act as a catalyst for good practices related to information integrity, and it is here where such vital regulatory compliances as ISO 27001 certification arise, but what exactly is it?

What is ISO 27001 and who is it aimed at?

The ISO 27001 standard or certification is intended to ensure the protection of an organization's data and information. Basically, what this standard represents are the best practices related to information security management (ISMS) within an organization, providing a methodology that allows the protection, integrity and availability of this information at all times.

Its application is aimed at organizations of all types within the sector:

  • Financial
  • ICT (Technological or specialized in the field of information and communication).
  • Entities specialized in security matters
  • Public and private entities that make an intensive use of ICTs
  • Teaching or educational centers
  • Service sector organizations

What is a security and information management system for?

An information security management system or ISMS is designed to define a set of measures and requirements to shield the protection of an organization's data and information against any internal and external threat by carrying out a series of application controls to establish a security protocol. Hence, ISO 27001 is a clear example of regulatory compliance.

Benefits of implementing ISO 27001:

  • Information transparency, guaranteeing the management and processing of all customer data.
  • Prevention of security breaches related to data and sensitive information leaks, increasing the awareness of the entire organization's personnel in the face of possible emergencies and/or threats.
  • Centralized security from the top management, being able to evaluate, assign or guard the access to the necessary resources for each member of the organization.
  • Promote the use of the most advanced security tools as a preventive measure.
  • Cost savings by reducing the number of security incidents and financial penalties for non-compliance with data protection.
  • Reinforcement of the proactive responsibility of all members of the organization to comply with good practices related to information security.

What does an ISO 27001 Audit consist of?

The execution of an ISO 27001 audit can vary according to the size and activity of each organization, and can last from 3 months to a year.

We can differentiate between two types of audit that every organization must pass, firstly an internal audit to validate the effectiveness of the implemented ISMS and later a certification audit to confirm the correct execution of the previous one.

Therefore, broadly speaking, we can consider the following requirements:

  1. Establish the objectives and develop an information security policy: Analyzing the evaluation methodology and goals to be achieved.
  2. Perform a risk definition and assessment: Detecting the vulnerabilities that the company could suffer and who will be responsible for managing each action.
  3. Create a statement of applicability: Establish control objectives, what will be done, what it will be done for and how it will be done.
  4. Create all the appropriate documentation: This is one of the most time-consuming points, allocate resources to create the necessary documentation throughout the procedure.
  5. Define a risk assessment and monitoring plan: It will set the system and figures responsible for controlling, monitoring and ensuring that the ISMS works according to the preset objectives.

Now that you know a little more about what ISO 27001 is and how important it is for your organization, are you interested in more information about how you can obtain it? At Intelequia we are experts in providing technology consulting services aimed at strengthening the regulatory compliance of our clients.

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