Windows 365 is now available: know its prices

Windows 365 is now available: know its prices

Windows 365 is now available for business customers.

A few weeks ago we already told you about the launch of Windows 365, the new Microsoft operating system in the cloud and how it was going to revolutionize the way in which users would connect remotely to all applications, data and settings of their Windows 10 from any place and device, as if they were doing it from their personal or corporate desktops.

It is foreseen that when Windows 11 officially comes out to the market, users will also be able to contract Windows 365 and connect via streaming to their PCs in the cloud in the same way.

And now finally, after the official launch, we are going to know the different plans and subscriptions for companies of Windows 365. For the moment, Microsoft offers two different editions adapted to the needs of organizations of any size and available on its website. On the one hand, we have Windows 365 Business being the simplest option intended for SMBs, it is designed for any organization with 300 or fewer users. It does not need technology prerequisites and neither an Azure subscription or a domain controller as everything works with Azure AD natively.

On the other hand, we find Windows 365 Enterprise designed for customers who require a more complete version in its performance, allowing universal printing integrations, APIs, reports, advanced security protection with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.


Prices for the Business edition:


Pricing for the Enterprise Edition:

After analyzing its features and prices, is it worth it? This is an answer that will always depend on the needs of each company. However, the possibilities of productivity and efficiency for remote work, in addition to the use of personal computers or devices can be much more economical or profitable for the infrastructure and maintenance costs foreseen in many organizations.

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