Using custom claim mappings on DNN Azure AD module

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Extending Azure capabilities into DNN
Rubén Pérez  |  30 July 2021

Bring out the full potential of your web applications in a customized way thanks to the capacity of Azure and DNN. At the deployment or security level.

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New Azure Active Directory B2C provider for DNN Platform
David Rodríguez  |  29 June 2019

Check the release of a new auth provider for DNN Platform, that leverages all the power of Azure Active Directory B2C to any DNN based website




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DNN Azure AD Provider 3.0
David Rodríguez  |  25 November 2017

Hi! After another bunch of work with React and the DNN Persona Bar, and with the special collaboration of Microsoft Azure MVP Cesar Abreu (@cesabreu), the new version of the DNN Azure AD Provider has been published.

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