Microsoft Teams will notify all calls that are SPAM

We will no longer receive unwanted calls in Microsoft Teams.

Just a few days ago the Microsoft 365 team announced a new update for the video conferencing application Microsoft Teams in its new roadmap aimed at improving the experience of all users of the platform with which to alert of unwanted calls, or Spam, through prior notifications.

Since Microsoft officially announced last December its intention to enhance the introduction of mechanisms to improve the security and experience of its users against Spam identification, this new functionality is expected to be operational by the end of this August for M365 customers, both desktop and web versions.

From now on, the video conferencing platform will automatically detect and evaluate the incoming cell phone to alert the user with a notification that he or she is receiving an unwanted Spam call. Teams will even be able to certify all outgoing calls so that they are not rejected by recipients outside the organization as Spam.

A real bet for our security and productivity, as Microsoft Teams General Manager Nicole Herskowitz said last December , "Teams will identify potential spam calls so you can feel safe when answering incoming calls".

Likewise, users will have a history or blacklist, on all those calls qualified as unwanted; regardless of the receipt of the same; since Teams, will automatically identify each call registered as normal or unwanted for that purpose.

However, administrators who do not wish to use this new feature will have an option to disable it via PowerShell.