Azure Virtual Desktop: Introduction and Deployment Options


One fine day while we were quietly sitting in our IT department dungeons, we received a visit from one of our colleagues from the commercial department. Accustomed as we are to what these visits represent, everyone in the department became tense. What follows is an accurate reproduction of what was discussed at that meeting: 


  • "Guys we need you to put out blog posts on a specific topic for marketing." 
  • "On a specific topic... Ok, we'll see what we can do." 


                                  Lo que creíamos que nos pedían desde marketing Descripción generada automáticamente con confianza media 

              What we thought marketing was asking for 

  • "The idea would be to prepare 12 articles: one per month on one of the technologies we usually use for implementation by each of the team members. Well, see you later." 
  • "Wait... what?"