DNN Redis Caching Provider 3.0

Hi again! Following up with the DNN module updates, I have done some modifications on the DNN Redis Caching provider so it can be configured now through the DNN Persona bar.

The summary of changes of this release is:

  • Changed the minimum required DNN version to 9.0.1
  • Refreshed nuget packages including the latest version of StackExchange.Redis 1.2.6
  • Added configuration UI in the Persona Bar. Now the provider is not automatically enabled during installation, you need to use the new UI.
  • The Redis client automatically reconnects after a Redis connection failure


If you have any interesting idea to add on the settings area, please let me know. I have thought on implementing a redis-cli command line interface, but I believe that would be better to wait for DNN 9.2 and implement that as a “DNN Prompt” command (see

Hope this helps.

Un saludo and happy coding!

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