How to boost your company's competitiveness with Power Platform

How to boost your company's competitiveness with Power Platform

One of the main business challenges today is the search for solutions to improve processes and increase the efficiency of the entire work team. In this context, Microsoft's suite of applications, Power Platform, has become a highly versatile tool that offers multiple benefits for companies. Therefore, in this post we will analyze how companies can boost their competitiveness with Low Code technology.

Data integration and analysis for decision making with Power BI

Many already know the potential of Power BI for the integration and analysis of data from various sources, working daily with this solution that allows business intelligence teams to obtain valuable information for decision making. As a practical example, a restaurant chain can use Power BI to analyze sales data, customer preferences and operations in real time.

By visualizing this data in a single dashboard, the restaurant chain can identify trends in demand for its offerings and consumption, forecast inventory needs, and adjust its marketing and promotional strategies efficiently.

power bi dashboard

Source: Microsoft Power BI Community Resource

Creation of customized applications and process automation with Power Apps and Power Automate

Power Platform's ability to create customized applications and automate processes greatly simplifies resource management and KPI tracking in companies. As an example of this versatility, it can be applied in multiple business typologies, if we choose a medical clinic that decides to take advantage of the potential of a Power Apps, it will be able to have a customized application with which to manage its appointments and allocate resources more efficiently.

The application would enable physicians and administrative staff to update schedule availability, assign appointments to patients, and communicate with colleagues, improving collaboration and productivity.

In addition, with Power Automate, the medical clinic can automate processes such as confirming appointments, sending patient reminders, and generating billing reports, freeing up time and resources for higher-value activities.

power app medical

Customized business application development with Low Code

Power Platform is especially useful for companies looking to develop custom business applications using Low Code. With Power Apps, companies in a variety of industries can create custom applications quickly and efficiently, without the need for extensive programming.

For example, an insurance company may need an application to improve the management of its policies and claims. Using Power Apps, the company can develop a custom solution that integrates customer, policy, claims and service provider data, allowing it to optimize its operations and reduce costs.

Power Platform is a powerful and flexible tool that offers numerous advantages and benefits for companies in different industries. By allowing developers to create customized solutions and automate processes much faster and easier thanks to Low Code technology, helping companies to improve their efficiency and stay competitive in today's market.

If you want to explore the possibilities that Power Platform offers to transform your business, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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