Intelequia at BizzSummit: a journey through Power BI and Machine Learning dataflows

Intelequia at BizzSummit: a journey through Power BI and Machine Learning dataflows

The last edition of BizzSummit 2023 was consolidated as the platform where professionals and technologies converged around Dynamics and Power Platform in which Intelequia, committed to technological innovation, had the honor of being an active part.

And the reality is that the event was a success, more than 100 speakers and 1000 attendees from all geographic locations gathered over the weekend to attend the largest festival of Business Applications in Spanish, an experience of knowledge exchange unmatched in the Spanish-speaking world. For Intelequia, being present on this stage as a sponsor has been truly transformative. The excellence of the organization and the quality of the speakers set a high standard for future events.

One of the highlights was a talk entitled "Dataflows and Machine Learning in Power BI: The winning duo to conquer your data". The response from the audience was very positive and was reflected in the constructive discussions generated around the ta

Dataflows and Power BI

Power BI Dataflows is a powerful tool for extracting, preparing and managing data in the cloud in an efficient and scalable way, centralizing the ETL process to put it at the service of numerous reports or users throughout our organization.  In addition, it is noteworthy how Microsoft is marking a before and after in data analysis, thanks to tools like this, which not only facilitate a more dynamic and structured information management for companies, but also provide added value thanks to its integration with the Azure Machine Learning service, allowing organizations to train advanced analytical models from the same experience of Power BI and thus achieve decipher trends and make predictions in order to make more informed and strategic decisions.

In summary, BizzSummit 2023 was not just an event but an opportunity to grow and learn from great industry professionals. From Intelequia we want to thank the organization and we look forward to future editions, see you next year BizzSummit!

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