Microsoft Build 2023: Boundless innovation in the age of AI

Microsoft Build 2023: Boundless innovation in the age of AI


The annual Microsoft Build event continues to be a must-attend event for technology professionals and developers, with some of the leading exponents such as Satya Nadella, Kevin Scott, Scott Guthrie, Rajesh Jha and Panos Panay. In its most recent edition, Microsoft has captivated the world of technology by presenting exciting advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the OpenAI revolution has only just begun.

Through advanced and innovative tools, Microsoft reinforces its commitment to drive AI development and accessibility, providing developers and users with the necessary tools to create revolutionary solutions that transform different industries around the globe.

In this article, we will take a short tour of all the new features presented at Microsoft Build 2023, focusing on the impact of AI and how it is changing the way we address today's challenges, from Machine Learning to smarter conversational systems. Let's go there!


Windows Copilot for Windows 11

One of the big new features Microsoft introduced in relation to its Windows operating system has been Windows Copilot, cementing it as the first PC platform to provide centralized AI-powered assistance.

This innovative feature builds on the integration previously released in February for Windows 11, which brought Bing's AI potential to the taskbar. With the inclusion of Bing Chat and various in-house and third-party add-ons, users will be able to focus on realizing their ideas, completing complex projects and collaborating efficiently, without having to spend time searching, running or switching between multiple applications.

The anticipated preview release of Windows Copilot is scheduled for June, promising to deliver an even smoother and more assisted experience for Windows users.


Extending Copilot's capabilities

The incorporation of new Copilots by Microsoft that we have already seen in recent months will also be extended with the addition of new Copilots for a wide range of tools such as Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 (in preview) or Power Platform Copilot, highlighting especially the preview of Power BI Copilot capable of creating and adapting reports in much less time.

Also, developers will be able to increase the capabilities of Microsoft 365 with plugins, incorporating message extensions in Teams, and will even be able to create their own plugins with Microsoft Teams Toolkit, available for Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio allowing them to bring their data at all times to Microsoft Graph. (In addition, as part of the Early Access program, more than 50 plugins will be available from Microsoft Partners, including Atlassian, Adobe, ServiceNow...among others.



Azure AI Studio

The unveiling of Azure AI Studio, was another big news of the event, highlighting the revolutionary suite of development tools that spans the entire lifecycle in the AI era designed to empower users to create and train their own models.

Azure AI Studio enables you to deploy leading AI models, such as OpenAI's ChatGPT and GPT-4, on your own datasets, while providing an agile platform for creating efficient workflows. All while establishing strict control over security during the deployment, compliance and monitoring process in corporate environments, reinforcing Microsoft's commitment to creating responsible AI systems with Azure AI Content Safety.

Bing a ChatGPT

Microsoft has announced The integration of Bing into ChatGPT as the default search option, will make it possible to provide more timely, up-to-date answers backed by web and search data to the user including quotes for more information from within the chat itself.

At the moment this functionality is available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers but very soon the rest of the users will be able to enjoy it by activating a plugin.

Microsoft Fabric

The launch of Microsoft Fabric, has been a significant milestone for data analytics allowing to unify compute, storage, UX and governance to manage diverse analytics workloads being the new platform for analytics and data science in real time that will allow users of any technical level to have a unified tool capable of harnessing the power of AI to power their business analytics. All connected to a single data repository called OneLake.


In fact, with Copilot for Microsoft Fabric you will be able to build machine learning models or create conversational language experiences thanks to the power of OpenAI. Incredible, isn't it?

What do you think? These are just some of the big news from Microsoft Build. Soon we will continue to expand more information about each of these news in our Blog.

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