Microsoft Purview: Data governance, compliance and more

Microsoft Purview: Data governance, compliance and more

Efficient and secure management of corporate data is essential in today's digital world, given the huge spectrum of information generated by the consumption of cloud services. Companies need solid and reliable solutions to ensure the security, privacy and governance of their information, classifying and defining internal and external access to it. In this context, Microsoft Purview is presented as a unified solution that integrates structured and unstructured data management, risk analysis and legal compliance.

What is Microsoft Purview?

Microsoft Purview is a unified data governance platform that enables organizations to discover, classify, manage and protect their data across multiple sources and environments, whether in the cloud, on-premises or SaaS services.

This solution combines data cataloging, metadata management, security policies and compliance capabilities, facilitating the monitoring and control of information across the enterprise. In addition, Microsoft Purview offers a comprehensive security approach that includes risk and compliance solutions for Microsoft 365 (Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange and others), consolidating them into a single product, in addition to other Azure storage services, Power BI, SQL database or Hive and other file services such as AmazonS3.

With Microsoft Purview, you will get:

1- Visibility of assets and data throughout the enterprise.

2- Corporate data access, security and associated solutions.

3- Management of sensitive information in clouds services, applications and connection points.

4- Regulatory compliance.

5- Monitoring, protection and administration of data, in an innovative and comprehensive manner.


Benefits of Microsoft Purview

  • Advanced Analytics and Sensitive Data Detection: Microsoft Purview offers powerful analytics capabilities that can detect sensitive data in a variety of sources, such as email, documents and databases. The platform uses advanced algorithms and pre-defined templates to identify personally identifiable information (PII), financial data, intellectual property and other sensitive content, helping companies to proactively protect their data.


  • Flexibility in policy definition and customization: Users can define and customize data loss prevention policies based on their specific needs, tailoring the solution to their compliance requirements.


  • Centralized view and unified governance: Having a centrally governed and unified data environment, regardless of where the data is located, allows companies to manage everything from structured data to documents or emails in Microsoft 365 in a unified way, all from a single point and maintaining traceability of the lifecycle of this data.


  • Integration with the Azure ecosystem: Its seamless integration capability, with other Microsoft Azure services and solutions, makes it a unique solution to get the most out of the platform.

Example of a Data Map in Microsoft Purview connecting multiple sources

Example of a Data Map in Microsoft Purview connecting multiple sources

Why invest in Microsoft Purview versus other solutions on the market?

The choice of Microsoft Purview as a security and data governance solution offers several advantages compared to other options available on the market:

  1. Comprehensive and unified solution: Microsoft Purview combines structured and unstructured data management, risk analysis and compliance into a single platform. This unification enables organizations to centralize and simplify their data governance processes, resulting in greater efficiency and control.
  2. Flexibility and scalability: Microsoft Purview offers a flexible and scalable solution that adapts to the needs of organizations of all sizes and industries. Its ability to manage data in on-premises, cloud and multi-cloud environments allows companies to maintain control of their data no matter where it is stored and even save up to 60% on associated security and compliance costs versus other vendors.
  3. Commitment to privacy and compliance: Microsoft is known for its proactive approach to complying with data privacy regulations and protecting its customers' information. By investing in Microsoft Purview, companies can be confident that they are using a solution that meets the highest standards of data privacy and security.

Its capabilities to detect and protect sensitive data, customize policies and provide unified governance, coupled with Microsoft's innovation and leadership, make Microsoft Purview a smart choice for organizations looking to improve their cybersecurity and data governance over other solutions on the market. Want to learn more or enjoy a DEMO? Contact us!

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