Moment 4, the latest Windows 11 update to maximize productivity

Moment 4, the latest Windows 11 update to maximize productivity

What is Moment 4 and what does it include?  

Moment 4 is the new version of Windows 11 that introduces very significant new features whose objective is to help us work more efficiently with the help of AI. Among these new features is Copilot, which is the artificial intelligence that is applied in many tools to facilitate our daily tasks and help improve productivity at work. Copilot can learn from our habits, needs and tastes to offer us advice and optimal solutions for the task we are executing on the computer. 

Moment 4 has been optimized to provide improved performance compared to previous versions of Windows. This includes faster startup speed and lower system resource consumption, ensuring a faster and smoother experience for users.

In this article we will explore the key features of this update and how they can benefit professionals and content creators. Some of these changes, such as the use of Copilot, will not be available in Europe until the European Union considers how to ensure user privacy. 

What's new in Moment 4

Copilot is able to create any type of document such as presentations, spreadsheets, emails, etc. by simply asking it to do so using natural language. In addition to this, it helps us to organize information, summarize it, search it and optimize performance and security. In short, Copilot learns from the way we work and helps us to optimize it. 

Another update is the integration of Windows 365 to access a PC in the cloud regardless of the device being used. This allows us to have a virtual desktop with Windows 11 from any device. It also has two new functions: 

  • Windows 365 Boot: It allows us to log on to our PC in the cloud with Windows 365 from any device without going through the local desktop. 
  • Windows 365 Switch: Allows us to use keyboard shortcuts to switch between our cloud PC and our local desktop.

Other new features that Windows 11 brings with it are the following:

New backup function that allows to save in the cloud our configuration, passwords, applications to be able to transfer everything to a new computer when performing an initial configuration on a new device.

seguridad moment 4 windows 11

  • Password-free login options are expanded, allowing the use of fingerprint, facial recognition or the mobile terminal for access. 
  • Improved operating system security with an updated Windows Firewall with new filters and rules to protect computers. 
  • Optimized voice access and control to the operating system using more natural commands. 
  • Improvement of the voice and expressiveness of the screen reading tool of Windows 11 achieving a more natural result. 
  • Microsoft Intune allows control and configuration of computers from the cloud, thus facilitating the management of devices within an organization. 
  • Paint adds the feature of generating content with artificial intelligence by introducing just a small text of what we want to achieve.

IA moment 4 windows 11

This update can be downloaded from Windows Update to take advantage of all these benefits and later this year is expected another update of Windows 11 2023 with more new features.

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