Power BI mobile-only format

For all those interested in the Power BI universe, it is very interesting to follow the news and updates that are published in the Microsoft Power BI Blog. Every month there are several blog posts and it's great to keep up to date with the tool.

One of the new features featured in the February 2022 feature summary is the new visual formatting panel for the mobile design. In this same post, there are many interesting new features that it doesn't hurt to check out.

This is discussed in detail in this blog of the same date.

Let's take a look at this new panel by first opening Power BI Desktop. If we access the Mobile Design option we can see that we get a notice about this new functionality, by which we can modify the design of the graphics for the mobile version without influencing the web version.



When adding any graphic to the mobile version panel, we will see that we can modify the format of the visual object as we wish.


Once we make a change, a new message appears informing us that these changes will only affect the mobile version.

Let's try, for example, to modify the pie chart we have available in the example. We deactivate the legend and modify the content of the labels to show the Category and the Percentage of Total.

Now we go back to the desktop version and check that, indeed, this chart has not been affected, since it appears with Legend and with the labels showing the Value of the data and the Percentage of the total.


This is great news, because many times we need to optimize much better the space for the mobile version and now we can adjust much more the characteristics of each visual object for consultation on any device.

We can also read Microsoft documentation regarding this here

If you have any questions or you think we can help your organization, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you😊


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