Power BI: The business intelligence that every organization needs

Power BI: The business intelligence that every organization needs

Business intelligence tools and software are gaining more and more weight in the strategic direction and digitization processes of organizations. Business models are now focused on making much more efficient and accurate decisions based on the collection of data that reliably reflect the defined strategic objectives.

Many cloud-based Business Intelligence solutions such as Microsoft Power BI have made it possible to provide organizations with invaluable information about their status in the market, allowing them to respond to issues such as the popularity of their services, changes in competition, future trends and much more, but let's see exactly what particularities this solution describes:

What is Power BI and what is it for?

Power BI is a Microsoft cloud-based business intelligence solution for data processing, allowing you to collect, visualize and analyze all the information through customized and interactive reports on the different areas of the organization from different information sources.

The tool is composed of different complementary elements such as: Power BI Desktop, Mobile Applications, Report builder and Report Server, as well as SaaS services that allow to further enhance its capabilities of action and management of big business data with extensive capabilities of massive and scalable storage in the cloud.

Why choose Power BI?

One of the main reasons that make Power BI one of the best tools for any business intelligence consultant is that for 14 years Gartner has recognized Microsoft as a leader in its quadrant of best business intelligence and analytics platforms, placing Power BI as the leading solution.

Integrations with other data sources

One of the main features that define Power BI is the wide range of connectors it integrates to collect information from other data sources, such as: MySQL database, SQL Server, Oracle DB, IBM, Microsoft Excel, MailChimp, Github; Amazon RedShift, IBM Netezza, Salesforce and many more.....

In addition to being designed for any industry:

  • Marketing
  • Financial
  • Industry
  • E-commerce
  • Sales

Benefits of Power BI as a data visualization tool:

Its capacity for precision and automation, grant Power BI multiple advantages adapted for any type of company:

1. Versatility and Holistic Vision:

Its accessibility, its connectivity from any device and the security of being able to operate in the cloud, makes Power BI an indispensable tool for comprehensive analysis within an organization allowing to promote cooperation between departments.

2. Accurate decision making:

Solve problems instantly by obtaining information in real time, from IoT sensors, stock control or insights gathered from your social networks.

3. Accuracy and Forecasting:

With full data reliability, define and forecast your sales cycles or future trends in an easy and simple way.

4. Control and Centralization:

Unify all your data and information centrally and available from a single dashboard instead of working with separate data sources.

5. Big Data Management:

With Power BI you can simplify the management of large volumes of data while reducing the management time required to obtain valuable information and having a scalable storage to your needs.

6. Data Visualization and Modeling:

Create an endless number of customized panels for the visualization of your data thanks to the Microsoft SDK and obtain very efficient data modeling thanks to the SQL DB experience that Power BI allows you to incorporate.

Power BI Training or Demo:

If you are interested in getting a Power BI training or requesting a demo to learn about the unlimited capabilities of the tool, we have a team of MCT expert trainers, who can make a plan tailored to the needs of your business or implement the business intelligence strategy you need.

If you want more information,

Do not hesitate to contact us

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