Teams integrates new survey functionality

Microsoft Teams integrates a new multi-response survey functionality.

A few days ago, Microsoft announced the new features that will arrive very soon to the video calling platform with the aim of improving the feedback and opinion of the attendees to all meetings.  

It is the introduction of a new type of polls that will allow the presenter to set up an open question and add multiple response options through a word cloud with the intention of collecting instant feedback from attendees to better understand their opinions and feelings about the topic.

Since Teams integrated last November its survey functionality with Microsoft Forms allowing them before, during and after meetings, will now enable the insertion of multiple choice questionnaires with which it seeks to encourage the participation of all participants, but with a particularity, all responses will be anonymous.



The response method is very simple, the user will be able to indicate his response conformity by clicking on the "thumbs up" icon or directly write a word that will be included in the word cloud. 

This new survey mode is expected to be available by the end of September or early October.

Teams does not cease in its continuous improvement to introduce new features that allow users and organizations to enjoy a multifunctional ecosystem with which to increase both connectivity and productivity of all its members.

A few days ago, we mentioned its new update for blocking SPAM calls, the next release of Windows 11 will integrate the Microsoft Teams chat in the taskbar to offer a faster way of connection and there are still many new features that we will know soon.

What will be next?

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