Training, the key to maximize efficiency in your company

Training, the key to maximize efficiency in your company

In the era of technological development and the growing need for companies to improve the optimization of time, resources and efficiency, there are many tools on the market that have the purpose of promoting collaborative work.

The relation between teamwork and efficiency is that we begin to add the characteristics of them and we put in the same equation the skills of the members, the effort they make, the time to perform tasks, and the results obtained. That is why to improve in any area training plays a key role, and it is very important when we decide to introduce new tools in a established work environment, since we have to make sure that they are used properly, always trying to maximize their benefits.

Is teamwork important?

Can you imagine a company where each worker goes in a different direction without organization, objectives or internal communication? We agree that teamwork is essential to successfully achieve a common project and has become a highly valued skill in the workplace, as it gives a higher quality result and enables the achievement of objectives in less time. Also, it should be pointed out that it increases motivation, stimulates creativity and the result obtained is better than an individual work in which only the vision and knowledge of a single person are applied. It must be taken into account that with this method of work we can enhance the feeling of belonging to the company, and establish strong bonds between team members.

For these reasons it is of vital importance to provide tools that promote interaction and good communication in the team, in a safe and simple way, and that the team learns to use them to get the most out of them.


How can we promote teamwork in an organization?

One of the ways to promote this collaborative environment in an organization is by implementing productivity tools that promote effective communication and secure access to material and documents from anywhere. There are many types of software to increase productivity and encourage communication in an organization, however, no solution is as common as Microsoft 365 and this is because it offers the following benefits over other solutions:

  • Users can be connected from anywhere and from any device.
  •  Improved security by protecting confidential information.
  •  Device independence: Business activity is not paralyzed because one device fails, as users can continue working with a login on another device.
  •  Access to multiple tools that cover all the needs of the organization and synchronization of information between them.
  •  Microsoft 365 has different service options that adapt to the size of the company and its growth.

Nowadays it is essential to know these tools, but if we want to take productivity to its maximum expression and take full advantage of these tools we must invest in the training of our team and not stay in a basic knowledge of Word, Power Point and Excel, as the Microsoft 365 environment has much more to offer. In addition, training is a key tool for users, especially those who are looking to scale their careers and improve their efficiency and technological skills.

Benefits of taking M365 training with Intelequia

A good use of the tools is the key to approach the real digital transformation of the company and achieve optimal productivity. The benefits we will get after training our team in these tools are:

  • Optimize work time and cost reduction.
  • Better communication and participation of team members in tasks.
  • Greater accessibility to data and work of colleagues.
  • Better organization and control of projects and tasks.
  • Better customer service and final satisfaction.

At Intelequia we offer training plans that cover all levels and we can even develop a customized plan to suit the needs of any company. The online training can be adpted to any schedule or any level from which users have in order to ensure a progressive improvement. In addition, we have our MCTs (Microsoft Certified Trainers) who are leading experts in Microsoft technologies and who have passed an official Microsoft certified program for educators. Make sure that your team gets the maximum potential in your organization and bet on quality training. If you want to request your customized training plan, do not hesitate to contact us.

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