Chatbot, a Must for a Unique Tourist Experience
Aitor Berjano González  |  14 November 2023

Chatbots have established themselves as essential tools in the tourism sector, providing a unique and personalized experience to tourists. Discover here all their benefits.

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How to boost your company's competitiveness with Power Platform
Aurora Cabezas González  |  13 November 2023

Power Platform has become a highly versatile solution to improve business efficiency and competitiveness. Do you know how? We tell you

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Mixed Reality: Key to process optimization in Industry 4.0
Michael Noguera Middleton  |  08 November 2023

Discover how mixed reality is revolutionizing the industrial sector, improving training, maintenance and remote collaboration.

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What role does a SOC service play in business efficiency?
Aitor Berjano González  |  07 November 2023

SOC services have become an efficient solution for data protection, security and ensuring business operations.

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AI, the New Ally of Cybersecurity
César Asin Mogica  |  06 November 2023

Learn here the latest advances in artificial intelligence in the field of cybersecurity that we met at the Madrid Tech Show.

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Microsoft Purview: Data governance, compliance and more
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  31 October 2023

Microsoft Purview, the quintessential solution for Discovering, Classifying, Managing and Protecting Corporate Data. More details in the post ⬇

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Intelequia at BizzSummit: a journey through Power BI and Machine Learning dataflows
Eugenio Peraza Perera  |  09 October 2023

Bizz Summit 2023 has turned out to be a must-attend event in Intelequia's calendar. In this post Eugenio BA Specialist tells us his impressions.

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Moment 4, the latest Windows 11 update to maximize productivity
Carolina César Piepenburg  |  28 September 2023

Moment 4 is the new version of Windows 11 that introduces very significant new features whose objective is to help us work more efficiently with the help of AI. Among these ...

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How to Analyze Results in Power BI and Make Informed Decisions
Carolina César Piepenburg  |  18 September 2023

How can we optimize our analysis and decision making strategy with Power BI? Find it out in this post.

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Training, the key to maximize efficiency in your company
Carolina César Piepenburg  |  13 September 2023

Achieve maximum productivity in your business offering quality training for your workteam.

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Creating a customized Intranet: Utilities and Best Practices
Carolina César Piepenburg  |  17 August 2023

In this post we give you some tips for creating a corporate intranet and why you should have one in your company.

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Optimize project management with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  17 August 2023

In this post we explain how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform are crucial for project management at enterprise level.

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