Cloud Computing

At DNN Corp. they were looking for a partner specialized in cloud computing to deploy their CMS (content management system) in the cloud to maximize flexibility and scalability of their product while minimizing costs.

Business Situation

A company with many years of experience (since 2002) dedicated to the exploitation of their tool Evoq Content Management, known as DNN (.NET)

After analyzing the different options currently available on the market regarding cloud computing, DNN clearly understood that the option offered by Microsoft through Microsoft Azure, compared to the rest of their competitors, would fit their needs best considering costs, flexibility, scalability and the various options this platform offers.

They understood that the deployment of their content management system on a cloud platform, in this case Microsoft Azure, was vital for the continuity of their business and the competitivity in the international market of Highly Scalable Content Management Systems. In the same way, both its customers and its partners would also benefit from this technology allowing to extend their current DNN community of suppliers, customers, applications and marketplaces with thousands of applications available.

DNN Business

San Mateo, California - EEUU

DNN, Microsoft Azure

DNN Business

Provided Solution

From the beginning it was clear for them that they would have to rely on partners specialized in Microsoft Azure that would be able to carry out successfully the continuation and implementation of this project (born from an open source project called DNN Azure Accelerator) to make the deployment of the content manager on the Microsoft Azure platform easier. And here is where Intelequia, one of the first Spanish companies specializing in Microsoft Azure, comes in.

The project has evolved and currently allows you to deploy DNN Evoq in its different versions (Content, Social and Suite) using two different Azure technologies with an Azure SQL database.

Furthermore, a high density architecture was developed for paid versions of DNN Evoq, using a PaaS (Platform as a Service) environment for the trial versions of its products (15 days) allowing hosting, maintenance and deletion of the trial versions in a completely automated way using an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) environment.

Business Benefits

 Solid Infrastructure

Thanks to the unification of criteria in both technologies, the development in a .NET environment and the cloud capabilities of Microsoft Azure.

Constant Evolution

Through continuous development, integration with the latest cloud technologies has been achieved over the years, such as the transition from Cloud Services to Azure Websites or the use of software as a service through Microservices.

Reliable deployment

Thanks to a customized deployment portal that offers all the automated capabilities needed to save time, improve security and facilitate the use of all Microsoft Azure cloud capabilities.


Thanks to compliance with all standards and service level agreements offered by this microsoft environment plus a complete backup system integrated with each DNN deployment.