Imprenta Bonnet is an organization in continuous growth, which has consequently become one of its main problems due to their dependence on physical data storage and software backup servers. Their reliability on these and the high costs to maintain the infrastructure added the need for a centralized management of multiple non-developmental work applications.

The ultimate need of Imprenta Bonnet was to update its website and the renewal of its image as a brand, maintaining easy accessibility to the portal and content management as well as the latest responsive designs.

Due to their requirements of efficiency, reliability and organizational dynamism, Imprenta Bonnet opted for an emerging technology expert: cloud computing technology partner and a leader in this technology, Intelequia.


Given the needs of the company to migrate to the cloud, we helped them with their transition by offering a hybrid model of its internal systems, infrastructure (storage, backup etc.) and software (productivity and collaboration).

Microsoft Azure cloud deployment, hosting and managed services.

Azure infrastructure was deployed, facilitating an easy integration with its current IT environment with hybrid solutions and storage databases. With Azure customers can expand their infrastructure, benefit from managed services, payfor use and count with the security Microsoft Cloud offers. Another important part were the backups, which had been done manually, on physical devices instead of ‘all information’, because it was not centralized. In order to facilitate this task, they decided to create a backup in the cloud, that is, an external location and delocalized from the customers premises.

They decided to implement Intelequia’s solution, Thundercloud Backup, a cloud based backup application on Microsoft Azure. Thanks to this tool, management and monitoring backup is guaranteed with safety standards and in accordance with data protection laws in addition to the high reliability that Microsoft Cloud provides.

DNN Platform, CMS, Microsoft technology

Intelequia Software Solutions developed a web application based on CMS (Content Manager System) DNN Platform, with which the customer can benefit from some public exposure and selling their services, allowing an upcoming online sales functionality. DNN Platform is a powerful content manager of high performance, scalability and reliability that Microsoft Azure brings infrastructure for their deployment.

Business benefits

Flexible storage

Provide IT resources immediately, without infrastructure investments.
IT dedication goes from being a cost to valuing the company because the customer forgets the hardware and its problems.


Azure is backed by Microsoft’s growing number of global managed data centers across 21 regions. Furthermore boasts 99.95 percent availability and 24/7 tech support and health monitoring.

Cost Reduction

Licensing is not required, infrastructure and maintenance are outsourced while hidden costs are eliminated. This led to an increase in profits and a reduction in IT costs.

User Experience

With the new website users have the ability to display dynamic content and adapt to the needs of customers over time.