Cloud office

Due to the company´s activity the employees of MyA Asesores needed the right tools to work in teams and attend their customers anywhere and any time. Therefore, and for the high mobility and reliability offered, they pushed for Office 365.


Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Office 365


Business Situation

MYA Asesores is a continuously growing brand concentrated on its core business, labour law and tax consulting, has no technical staff and saw the need of some kind of teamwork tools that would allow them to work in teams as the schedules and tasks were different, some were executed in the customer´s facilities and others were held at their offices. They saw themselves being continuously forced to use the phone to get the schedules together and lacked a common place to share files. For this reason, they opted for Office 365 with the goal to be as efficient as possible in their daily procedures.

Provided Solution

For MYA, a company dedicated to labour and tax consulting, as for most companies it was vitally important to have email, shared agendas, etc. This solution, Office 365, includes a team portal with email account services and virtual conference rooms. It covers the needs of teamwork of the employees with a high level of security and scalability.

It is also worth mentioning that due to the nature of their business data security is extremely important and therefore the Office 365 solution is ideal due to Microsoft´s powerful privacy policies and security functionalities that help protect their data. Office 365 offers 99,9% of service availability. Office 365 helps to protect data with enterprise grade reliability thanks to their desaster recovery systems, data centers in multiple locations and a strict privacy policy. It also helps to protect your email environment with up to date antivirus and anti-spam solutions.

Business Benefits

  • Efficiency: Resource cost reduction in hardware and energy, as a huge part of their infrastructure is part of the cloud.

  • Centralization: A single administrative panel allows the simple and centralized administration and provisioning of new and existing users.

  • Productivity: Email, web conferencing, instant messaging, document sharing and enterprise-class workflow, all designed to ensure seamless integration.
  • Reliability: The systems are hosted in redundant data centers of the latest generation, with a financial service level agreement of 99.9%.

  • Security: Office 365 runs on a global network of data centers protected by multiple security layers and recommended operational procedures. All communications are encrypted by secure protocols.

  • Flexibility: Dynamically adapting its implementation model to the needs of change and growth of the company and its services.

Due to these benefits, MYA trusted in Intelequia as their technological partner and pushed for the implementation of Office 365, a package of productivity and online teamwork tools based on Microsoft cloud technologies as a future investment. Thus, they are prepared to continue growing and always guaranteeing the best quality in the offered services.